We are proud to present the TUNISIA DESERT CHALLENGE 2021!
Same concept, different location

A brief introduction to this unique cross country rally.

Dear rally fans

It is with some pride that we present the TUNISIA DESERT CHALLENGE! A new, epic rally-raid across the country that gave birth to this discipline.

New horizons

The COVID-19 pandemic put a lot of obstacles on our path last year. Almost all rallies in the world were cancelled or postponed. We too were forced to reschedule the Morocco Desert Challenge twice.

That is why we went looking for an alternative. After several meetings with a very enthusiastic Minister of Tourism, an even more enthusiastic Director of the National Tourist Office, and the passionate Presidents of the two motor sport federations, we got the necessary guarantees that a rally in Tunisia was possible. What's more, the red carpet was rolled out for our team and we received all the support we needed to work out a fantastic route.

However, our new brainchild, the Tunisia Desert Challenge, is much more than an alternative to the MDC. It will be a new annual rally-raid, which is an exact copy of the MDC in terms of organisation, but totally innovative in terms of tracks.

Meanwhile, race director Jean-Claude Kaket and his team are finalising the road book. In 8 stages, the rally will travel through inland Tunisia along a mix of sandy tracks, gravel and dunes ... a lot of dunes. We stick to our tried and tested concept: a 2500 km long, unique, innovative and varied rally-raid, of course with almost no liaisons.

We also present a new category. The 'TDC Classic', open to rally vehicles older than 20 years, will be added to the Tunisia Desert Challenge line-up.

Of course, in this new rally we will also include the tried and tested ingredients, which have been well appreciated by our participants over the years.

What can you expect?

  • A varied linear route through southern Tunisia with bivouacs between the different stages.
  • Of course we will have helicopter(s) and an extensive medical staff.
  • Hotel at start and finish, but apart from those 2 nights only nice, well taken care of desert bivouacs with all the trimmings.
  • No couscous for 8 days straight but nice, varied catering from "Chef Eddy" and his team.
  • Sandwich stop on the race track by "our mother" and her team.
  • And yes, the bar (the TDC-cafĂ©) will also be there, including our lovely bartenders

So hopefully we will see each other again soon ... this time in beautiful Tunisia

With kind regards
Gert Duson

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